Democracy In Black

I just finished reading the part political, part activist, part memoir novel by Dr. Eddie S. Glaude Jr. Democracy In Black: How Race Still Enslaves the American Soul. This insightful writing offers an alternative narrative to the black liberal agenda that has been upheld as the only option for black Americans engaged in the political process. The novel artfully crafts a back drop that explains not only how black liberalism became the default, but also how racial habits have perpetuated a value gap that allows white Americans to continue with the belief that their lives simply hold more value. In reading this novel, be prepared to become critical of all traditional black leadership and feel empowered to believe that anyone with passion and heart can become a leader in their community. This work cites the power of grassroots campaigns and the importance of engaging at all levels of government.

I found myself being educated about the history of black politics. I found myself lamenting at the ways in which the diverse fabric of those politics was pared down to be palatable for a white political majority. I was presented with a new way of seeing activism in which I can take an active and essential role instead of just being another in a herd at the feet of the almighty leader.

Author: oldskoolmediajunkie

I'm just a young one who tends to like the media of days past. I love books and talk radio and I basically just want to share all of my adventures with anyone who cares to listen.

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